Notes in Salesforce1: Quick and Organized Notes On-the-Go

Do you have information you’d like to store in a Salesforce record, but you don’t know where to put it? After a meeting, do you need a quick and organized way to take notes, even when you’re on-the-go? It is time to simplify your life with Salesforce Notes!

Notes is the enhanced note-taking tool provided by Salesforce so that you can take better notes faster and increase productivity. It is at your fingertips whether you’re at your desk or on-the-go; Notes is available online at and in the Salesforce1 mobile app.

In today’s post, we will go over how to work with notes in the Salesforce1 mobile app.

  1. While viewing any record in the Salesforce1 mobile app, tap the New Note icon from the action bar. You may need to click Show More if other actions are listed first.
  2. Replace “Untitled Note” with a title. Add bulleted or numbered lists, or just type a paragraph – whatever method is best for you to get your thoughts out so they aren’t forgotten!
    salesforce-blog-pics-1  salesforce-blog-pics-2
  3. Did you type something actionable that should become a task? Create a task by highlighting the desired text and tapping the checkbox icon.
  4. A green bar will swipe across the text, and a “Task added” notification will appear at the top of your note.
    salesforce-blog-pics-3  salesforce-blog-pics-4
  5. The task has been related to your note. Tap the “2 related records” link to see all related records and add more.
  6. This note is related to the current record (Test Account) and the Schedule meeting task. Let’s say that I also want to relate this note to the CEO Bob Smith. Since I recently viewed his contact page, he is listed under my Recents. However, if the desired contact is not under Recents, tap the magnifying glass to search for your contact.
    salesforce-blog-pics-5  salesforce-blog-pics-6
  7. Make sure the desired object is selected from the dropdown menu. In the search box, search for the desired contact. Bob Smith is still listed here as a recent contact, so I can tap his name.
  8. Bob Smith is now associated with this note. Tap Done to exit the Related Records list.salesforce-blog-pics-7  salesforce-blog-pics-8
  9. We now have 3 related records, one of which is a task. Tap the checkmark next to the number 1 to navigate to the Related Tasks list.
  10. We can mark a task as completed directly from the Related Tasks list. Tap the checkbox to complete a task.
    salesforce-blog-pics-9  salesforce-blog-pics-10
  11. Enter a new task by typing in the Add a Task area and tapping Enter or Return
  12. The task is created and automatically related to the records already associated with this note. In this instance, it is the account (Test Account) and contact (Bob Smith). Click Done to exit the Related Tasks list.
    salesforce-blog-pics-11  salesforce-blog-pics-12
  13. We now have 4 related records on this note. Click Save to finish.salesforce-blog-pics-13

Thank you for reading my blog!

If you have Salesforce tips or tricks you would like to see in this blog, please Tweet @JessSFDC and let me know.

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