The NEW and EASIER Way to Integrate Salesforce and Email: Lightning for Outlook!


Are you looking for a way to integrate Outlook and Salesforce? Or do you currently use Salesforce for Outlook but are ready for a more dependable tool? It is time to simplify your life with the new Salesforce Lightning for Outlook!

Lightning for Outlook helps every Salesforce user manage their time more effectively by bringing Salesforce into Outlook – no download required! In addition to adding emails and email attachments to Salesforce records, users can create Salesforce records directly from Outlook.

In today’s post, we will go over how to install Lightning for Outlook.

  1. From your Microsoft Outlook mail inbox, click File.salesforce-for-lightning-installation-blog-pic-1
  2. On the Account Information page, click the link to access your account on the web.salesforce-for-lightning-installation-blog-pic-2
  3. Sign in to your Office 365 work account.salesforce-for-lightning-installation-blog-pic-3
  4. Click the blue menu button.salesforce-for-lightning-installation-blog-pic-4
  5. Click the Store icon.salesforce-for-lightning-installation-blog-pic-5
  6. Type Salesforce in the search box. Click the magnifying glass to search.salesforce-for-lightning-installation-blog-pic-6
  7. Click Salesforce Lightning for Outlook.salesforce-for-lightning-installation-blog-pic-7
  8. Click the green Add button.salesforce-for-lightning-installation-blog-pic-8
  9. Click the green Continue button.
  10. Click Install.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Open your Outlook mail inbox, and click an email. Next, click the blue Salesforce cloud View button. Finally, click the blue Log In to Salesforce button.
  13. Log in with your username and password. Make sure the Remember me checkbox is checked.
  14. A verification code will be emailed or texted to you. Enter the verification code to verify your identify. Make sure the Don’t ask again checkbox is checked.salesforce-for-lightning-installation-blog-pic-14
  15. Click Continue.
  16. Click Got It.
  17. Congratulations! Your Outlook inbox is now connected to your Salesforce account.salesforce-for-lightning-installation-blog-pic-17

Next Wednesday’s post will teach you how to utilize this new integration. Stay tuned!

If you have Salesforce tips or tricks you would like to see in this blog, please Tweet @JessSFDC and let me know. Thanks for reading my blog!

Until next time,




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