Salesforce1 Mobile App: Access Salesforce Anytime, Anywhere!


The Salesforce1 mobile app gives you real-time access to the same information you see on your computer, but it is organized for getting work done faster when you’re on-the-go. You are always viewing up-to-date data in Salesforce1 – simply swipe down from the top of the page to refresh.

In today’s post, we will go over utilizing Salesforce1 and working offline.


Salesforce1 is available as a downloadable app for:

  • iOS devices (available from the App Store)
  • Android devices (available from Google Play)

Chatter Feed

You are automatically directed to your Chatter feed, where you can see your updates, updates to records and people you follow, and updates in groups you follow. To see a feed item’s full details, tap the item.

Mobile - blog pic 1       Mobile - blog pic 2

  1. Search this feed – Pull down on the feed to reveal the search bar. Search for Chatter posts, @ mentions, files, and comments.
    • Note – This only searches the current Chatter feed
  2. Sort – Tap to sort by post date or most recent activity
  3. Feed menu – Tap to open drop-down menu for other Chatter feeds, such as To Me, Bookmarked, and All Company.
  4. Feed items – Posts, files, links, notes, updates, etc.
  5. Menu – Tap to access the navigation menu
  6. Notifications – Tap to access notifications and reminders

Navigation Menu & Global Search

The navigation menu shows all Salesforce items you have access to. Accounts, contacts, dashboards, reports, tasks, events, etc. are all found here. The objects that you use the most will appear first.

Use the Global Search to find a record across objects. For example, you can search for Bob Smith in Global Search if you don’t know whether he is listed in Salesforce as a lead or a contact.

Mobile - blog pic 3       Mobile - blog pic 4

Mobile - blog pic 5

Mobile - blog pic 6

Record Search

To find a record in a particular object, select the object from the navigation menu and then search within that object. For example, you can search for Bob Smith in the Contact Record Search if you know he is listed in Salesforce as a contact.

Mobile - blog pic 7       Mobile - blog pic 8

Mobile - blog pic 9

Record View

Swipe left and right to switch between the record’s Chatter feed, Details page, and Related records. You can also tap the FEED, DETAILS, and RELATED headers.

Mobile - blog pic 10       Mobile - blog pic 11


Mobile - blog pic 12

Action Bar & Menu

The action bar at the bottom of the screen will display different buttons depending on which feed or record page you are viewing. To see all available options, tap the blue Show More icon to display the full action menu for that object.

Mobile - blog pic 13

Bookmarking Chatter Posts

Bookmark posts you want to save for future reference.

Mobile - blog pic 14     Mobile - blog pic 15Mobile - blog pic 16       Mobile - blog pic 17


Offline Access

Offline access is available for the Salesforce1 mobile app. Salesforce1 caches a set of your recently accessed records so they’re available to view without a connection. Cached data is encrypted and stored in a secure, persistent data store.

Populating/Refreshing the Cache

The cache is populated automatically when the Salesforce1 app is running in the background on your device, so switch to a different app or return to your device’s home screen.

The cache can also be populated manually:

Mobile - blog pic 18   Mobile - blog pic 19   Mobile - blog pic 20

Accessible Data

The following Salesforce data is cached:

  • Records for the first 5 objects listed in the Recent section of your Salesforce1 navigation menu
    • Up to 30 of the most recently accessed records per object will be available
  • Tasks listed under My Tasks
  • The 5 most recently accessed Dashboards
  • Recently accessed records are determined by your usage in the Salesforce1 app and full Salesforce site online.

Logging out of Salesforce1 removes all data from the cache. The next time you log in, the process of generating the cache starts over.

Creating & Editing Records

Creating and editing records is also possible when offline. All unavailable actions are greyed out, but you will still be able to create and edit records like usual.

New button still available

Mobile - blog pic 21

Edit option still available

Mobile - blog pic 22

After changing Bob Smith’s first name from Bob to Robert, the pending change indicator appears in the top right corner.

Mobile - blog pic 23

To view all pending changes, go to the navigation menu and scroll to the bottom to find the Pending Changes option.

Mobile - blog pic 24       Mobile - blog pic 25

Thanks for reading my blog!

If you have Salesforce tips or tricks you’d like to see featured here, Tweet @JessSFDC to let me know.

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