Custom List View Series Part 1: The Basics & Filter Overview


Do you need easy access to a subset of data? Are you tired of sorting through a vast amount of reports to find what you’re looking for? Spend your time more efficiently in Salesforce by creating your own list views!

In today’s post, we will go over how to create a list view that meets your filter criteria.

Note: We are using the Lightning Experience desktop user interface in this post. Look for a similar post for the Salesforce Classic interface in the near future! 


List views give you instant access to specific sets of data. Unlike reports, which may total in the thousands for your organization, list views are reserved for sets of data you find important and want easy access to often. Reports sometime have a “create it and forget it” purpose when you need a very specific set of data that you may never need again. List views are great for the sets of data you look at often and want front and center in Salesforce!

Accessing List Views

We’ll use the opportunity object as our example in this post. List views are available for any object in Salesforce that has a Tab.

List View blog post - 1

You can sort the records by one of the field columns in the list view. This sorting is done alphanumerically. Just click the header of the column you want to sort by. The first click will sort by ascending order. Click again to sort by descending order.

List View blog post - 5

Creating Custom List Views

Let’s create a custom list view for my best opportunities. These will be my opportunities in the Awaiting purchase order/LOI stage that are $50,000+ or any opportunities with the ABC Company account.

List View blog post - 2

List View blog post - 3

List View blog post - 4

List View blog post - 6

List View blog post - 7

List View blog post - 8

List View blog post - 9

List View blog post - 10

This list view now shows my opportunities in the Awaiting purchase order/LOI stage that are $50,000+ in addition to my opportunities from ABC Company.

List View blog post - 112

Because I already know these are my opportunities, I can remove the Opportunity Owner Alias field.

List View blog post - 113List View blog post - 114

List View blog post - 115


Thank you for reading my blog! Eager to learn more on this topic? Stay tuned for our multi-week series on list views!

If you have Salesforce tips or tricks you would like to see in this blog, tweet @JessSFDC and let me know.

Until next time,may-the-salesforce-be-with-you-footer


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